Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus suggestions

> * Tree view improvements
> The current tree view really sucks...  My main
> complaint is that the
> sidebar space is not very efficiently used by the
> treeview. This makes
> it hard to get a good overview of the file tree.  I
> guess most people
> have the sidebar occcupying as little space as
> possible since the file
> view is the important one, therefore effecient space
> usage is
> crucial. It would be nice to have an option that
> makes the treeview
> occupy the entire sidebar panel. 
> Device access (like floppy's and cdrom's) would also
> be nice to have
> in the tree view, and also "network neighborhood"
> type access with SMB
> and NFS support like in Konqueror... 

Why not have the tree view just show the users home
directory and any subdir's in their home.  I think
another neat feature would be to set up the tree view
sortof like mozzila sets up the views of ftp stuff. 
Where if you double click on a directory, it'll open
that up in the root node of the tree, along with an
option of going to the parent directory.
My resoning for having the tree view  by default only
show the home directory is this, most users don't need
to explore anything but their home directories, and
for the cases when they do, symlinks would work out
well.  You could give people the ability to make
symlinks to other directories from nautilus too
(actully, I think this is already there).  Also, this
reduces clutter, which is why I decided I'd never
bother with the tree view.  It's just a thought I had
that could make the tree view easier to use.


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