Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

> Actually, tearoff menubars as they exist now are useless. I've
> recommened repeatedly that when they are torn off they become NeXT-style
> pinned menus (or torn-off menus). IOW, a system similar to this:
> [# File Edit Blah Help ]
>   -----(torn-off)-----
> =================
> |     File    > |
> |     Edit    > |
> |     Blah    > |
> |     Help    > |
> | [_] Re-attach |
> -----------------
> Doing something like that couldn't be all that difficult.
> Jim Cape

What about defining "transform rules" or "how should/must this action look
like in some environment". A menubar could transform into what you suggest
but could also transform into a palette or perhaps something even more alien.

This is quite simple to do and will form a basis for how to drag out of a
menu and into a toolbar for example.

Now, there are items in a menu that don't form obvious toolbar icons what
about them? I don't know.. Any ideas?


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