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Erik Nordström wrote:
> Hello
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> * Emblems
> The emblems are in its current state pretty useless, and worse they
> are accessible in a really awkward way (Either via right-click on file
> -> Properties -> Emblems, or via the Edit-menu).  It's to complicated
> to add an emblem to a file for it to be useful.  They should be
> accessible directly by the right-click menu (preferably as a submenu
> with checkboxes) and also possibly via a new sidebar tab which
> essentially is the Edit-> Backgrounds and Emblems dialog where you can
> drag an emblem onto a file from the sidebar tab.  I have also seen a
> brilliant posting that suggested that emblems have built-in actions,
> like the "Important" emblem makes a backup, and the "Personal" emblem
> encrypts the file.  This is a must have feature!  Other suggestions
> would be that the "Urgent" emblem lets one set a reminder-alarm on the
> file, "Draft" adds the file to a virtual drafts folder accessible from
> the Documents folder, files saved from evolution (or other mail
> clients) would automatically get the "Danger" emblem attached to it,
> thus making the user aware of the security issues with these kinds of
> files. The "Favorites" emblem could automatically be attached the the
> 10 most opened documents and the "Oh No" emblem could be used on
> auto-save files (*~ ?) from application crashes...

I basically agreed with your suggestions. 
I think the emblems should have the ability to be bound to a script :
that way it's really flexible.
You can set the defaults as you said, but to be used, most of them must
be reworked by the user [where, how and when is the backup made, which
key do I use to encrypt, etc.]
It's not totally clear to my mind but seems to be a good direction ;-)

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> Hopefully my suggestions will give some inspiration to improvements of
> Nautilus...
> /Erik Nordström

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