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This sparks the question - What should be in the default panel as
regards numbers/types of panels, launchers and applets?? and at the
end of the day, who decides?? ;)

I know this is all hardcoded into the panel source code at the moment
but this won't be the case in the future. Ain't that right George? :)
And at least there won't be any need for the 'copy over of panel
config before log in' hack...and then perhaps in the future we could
have some sort of heirarchical scheme so that different groups override
this default panel config in different ways....I think this would rock :)

I suppose it's another usability issue for usefulness versus eye
candy as regards the default panel config though.

I've suggested this before [mainly on IRC], but would it be a useful
thing to organize a session on IRC [well maybe multiple sessions - one 
for the US, one for Europe, etc] where we talk about these issues and 
try and get some of them resolved? Maybe it's too early to decide quite
yet...but I think it would be good to get working on some of these things.

		Anyways...see ya,
			Glynn ;) [another CDE switcher hater]

Christian Rose wrote:
> IMHO, big red buttons is a no-no. Many users are simply not used
> to/interested in multiple workspaces, and we should not need to warn
> them about a feature(!). Better let it default to off.
> I think the setting of workspace defaults should be done by the
> packager. So if Sun are worried that their previous CDE customers won't
> feel at home without multiple workspaces, Sun can ship GNOME with
> multiple workspaces configured by default for their users.
> As for what default setup comes from GNOME sources and is thus
> "recommended", I think it should only be a single workspace. As people
> have already mentioned, people not used to the concept of multiple
> workspaces can get horribly confused by them.
> In the end I think it would be nice if the default was chosen according
> to userlevel ("experienced" users are more likely to have encountered
> the concept of multiple workspaces before).
> Christian
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