Re: [gnome-love] Re: [Nautilus-list] GNOME user environmentbrainstorming

Sander Vesik wrote:
> > How about some panel app or menu that displays it's self as a "What does
> > this do" button (shortend of course) and when the user clicks on it the
> > cursor turns to a question mark and then they can point at any feature
> > in GNOME and have a popup help explaining how to turn on/off and what it
> > does.
> How about a big red button with the text "MULTIPLE WORSPACES" that appears
> in the place of desk guide by defualt and gets converted to desk guide
> once user has clicked on it (even once)?
> There is presently no indications in the standard installation that gnome
> supports them - and that IMHO just plain wrong.

IMHO, big red buttons is a no-no. Many users are simply not used
to/interested in multiple workspaces, and we should not need to warn
them about a feature(!). Better let it default to off.

I think the setting of workspace defaults should be done by the
packager. So if Sun are worried that their previous CDE customers won't
feel at home without multiple workspaces, Sun can ship GNOME with
multiple workspaces configured by default for their users.

As for what default setup comes from GNOME sources and is thus
"recommended", I think it should only be a single workspace. As people
have already mentioned, people not used to the concept of multiple
workspaces can get horribly confused by them.
In the end I think it would be nice if the default was chosen according
to userlevel ("experienced" users are more likely to have encountered
the concept of multiple workspaces before).


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