[Nautilus-list] skript folder translation...

I installed nautilus, then logged in with a swedish translation and find
that all the scripts are gone. The problem was that the folder name is
translated, so instead of looking in the Nautilus/scripts it is looking
for the folder Nautilus/skripts which doesn't exist.

Don't translate paths, nothing good can come out of it.

Aother thing about the script folder, why is it in the Nautilus folder?
I want to get rid of the Nautilus folder since I dont use it and I dont
want to have too many folders on my desktop (I use $HOME as desktop).
But since the scripts are located there I cant delete it. In the early
days of nautilus I was told that the Nautilus folder was some kind of
$HOME for newbees, and that I could safely delete it. Now it have been
turned into some kind of a system folder... 

I suggest you move the scripts folder to ~/.nautilus instead of
~/Nautilus that way I can delete the Nautilus folder and be a happier


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