[Nautilus-list] Re: [PMH] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.


> > Does this actually happen?  Can anyone remember the last time they
> > downloaded a single binary executable from the web?  Especially ones
> > that weren't compressed, which might throw this off?  It sounds to me
> > that this isn't really a problem.. then again, the fix is simple enough,
> > so not a big deal.
> Ok, then I can extend my thingie to also catch compressed files.
> You do download installers every once in a while as native
> executables.  This is a very common task in Windows as well. 

This is absolutely evil. [Notice: I have no problem with nautilus
setting executable bits on request. I have problem wiht ELF

This is not about security. This is about screwing system up. Oh,
here's setup.exe. I can either execute it or not. If I decide to
execute it, I can only pray that

*) It actually asks me where I want to install the package

*) It will not try to automatically upgrade some libraries killing my
system completely

*) It will be possible to track what installer did and uninstall

I have seen installers for windows that violated all three criteria. I
believe we do not want this.

With rpm/deb, I can install package manually, controlling *precisely*
where it goes. I can also look what it installs. I know what it
installs so I can rm -rf it. That's good.

We have rpm/deb; we do not need ELF installers. If rpm/deb is not
enough, fix rpm/deb.
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