Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: bugzilla down? (was Re: Anonymous files)

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 08:25:44AM -0700 or thereabouts, Darin Adler wrote:
> > I get the following message when clicking on Report a bug (Advanced):
> > Software error:
> > Can't connect to database server. at line 87.
> > For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root localhost), giving this
> > error message and the time and date of the error.
> OK. I see those errors too. Sorry, I just saw the top level page and 
> assumed it was working.
> The bad news is that it's just down unintentionally, the bugs were not 
> moved anywhere. So we need to get this fixed. I hope that Andy, who's 
> hosting it, will get on top of this and fix it.
> I'd love it if we could get the bugs moved over to the GNOME bugzilla, but 
> no one who knows how to help with it has volunteered to help me out in 
> doing that.

The person who did the bulk of the work on that was Martin Baulig.
All his scripts are in the halloween module in CVS, I think. However,
that was for debbugs -> bugzilla. I don't know what changes would
be required for bugzilla -> another bugzilla, especially when they
have different categories for some things, and different possible

The latest version of bugzilla allows transfer between bugzilla
installations, and I got all excited when I saw that, but apparently
it's only between two bugzillas at the moment. Drat. 

I was actually going to post asking what todo about the nautilus
bugs that people are reporting to gnome bugzilla at the moment, but
I suppose if you want to move the nautilus bugs to gnome bugzilla,
the answer is "wait, and then add them to the right product"? 


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