[Nautilus-list] Re: [gnome-love] GNOME user environment brainstorming

Le 25/05/01 17:53:11, Matthew Walton a écrit :
> >I personnaly do not use the desktop, so I think Trash and Start Here at
> >least should be available (if the user wants it) in the panel.
> >However, even if they are it's likely that I won't use them, so don't
> >give much importance to what I think ;o)
> >
> Start Here yes, Trash no. I don't know why people seem to think 
> Trashcans are so important... okay, so they provide the opportunity for 
> some amusing graphics, but apart from that... why? Or am I rare in 
> hardly ever mistakenly deleting anything?

I also don't use trash (even in Windows, I always use the Shift modifier to
bypass the trash).

Actually I was rather thinking about an object to d-n-d files on to delete
them (or put them in the trash if the user uses it)
It's just a suggestion, I won't use it anyway...

> >What I like in Windows is my mouse middle button does a double click,
> >and this allows me to select an icon with the left button and
> >open/activate/etc. it with the middle button.
> >Maybe all icons (wherever they are: desktop, Nautilus, open/save as icon
> >list) should have this behaviour...
> The problem there being that people with two-button mice have to press 
> both buttons at once to get a middle-click.

Why is it a problem?

> This would, I think, have to be customisable. It also doesn't 'fit'...
> better to have switchable single/double click...

I hate single-click (with the left mouse button) activating icons. Single
click is for selection in my mind.

> to my mind, double-click on icons on the desktop and in folder views
> makes perfect sense even with single-click panel launchers, because
> I think of the panel launchers as buttons.

Of course! I wasn't suggesting to remove the double-click feature, just to
make it accessible *also* with middle-button single click, since it (the
middle button) doesn't have another action (as far as I can remember, in
GMC, middle button was the same as left button)

In brief:
 · left mouse button:
   · single click: select
   · double click: activate
=> configurable
 · middle mouse button: activate
 · right mouse button: context menu

Everything may of course be configurable, as long as it'll be possible to
have that behaviour (otherwise I'll continue working in an XTerm, without a
file manager... not serious, I'm used to it, but that's something I'll
really enjoy)


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