[Nautilus-list] Re: [gnome-love] GNOME user environment brainstorming

On 25 May 2001 06:24:30 +0200, Thomas Broyer wrote:

> What I'd really like is "merged" menus. Currently, the Programs menu
> system wide and users can't modify it.
> What I'd like is that the system-wide "menu" only suggest menu items, the
> user may choose to hide some of them, reorder them, he can also add it's
> own items. User settings keeps track of item order, hidden system items and
> user-defined items.
> When a new application is installed, a system-wide item is created. As it
> is not specifically hidden, it appears in the menu (at the bottom, or
> somewhere else if the user choose to always keep his menu sorted
> (alphabetically, with folders before or among "leaf" items, etc.). Then the
> user can choose ot hide it or move it.
> Ideally, the user may choose to move a system item into another menu
> folder. This seems a bit harder to handle (a simple way would be to hide
> the system item and copy it to the other folder, but it is then not
> synchronised with the system item...)

Use links.

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