[Nautilus-list] Re: [gnome-love] GNOME user environment brainstorming

Thomas Broyer wrote:

One question is whether you can edit Start Here like a normal folder;

I would say no.

Not even adding things to it? I'd love to be able to do that to My Computer in Windows. Oh well, I suppose I could always hack it so I could add stuff to it if it ends up read-only... :-)

- desktop is for:
   - user shortcuts to programs, etc.
   - showing removable devices
   - Trash, Home, Start Here icons

I personnaly do not use the desktop, so I think Trash and Start Here at
least should be available (if the user wants it) in the panel.
However, even if they are it's likely that I won't use them, so don't give
much importance to what I think ;o)

Start Here yes, Trash no. I don't know why people seem to think Trashcans are so important... okay, so they provide the opportunity for some amusing graphics, but apart from that... why? Or am I rare in hardly ever mistakenly deleting anything?

What I like in Windows is my mouse middle button does a double click, and
this allows me to select an icon with the left button and
open/activate/etc. it with the middle button.
Maybe all icons (wherever they are: desktop, Nautilus, open/save as icon
list) should have this behaviour...

The problem there being that people with two-button mice have to press both buttons at once to get a middle-click. This would, I think, have to be customisable. It also doesn't 'fit'... better to have switchable single/double click... to my mind, double-click on icons on the desktop and in folder views makes perfect sense even with single-click panel launchers, because I think of the panel launchers as buttons.

- URL handlers - should die, replaced by File Types

Not sure to understand...
How will I configure my MUA answering for mailto: URLs, or my newsreader
for news: and nntp: URLs?
I like to have distinct apps for distinct things: I browse FTP with gFTP,
HTTP with a web browser, etc. Will this still be possible?

* nods * URLs and MIME types aren't the same thing... or are they?

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