[Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Well, criterion a) would eliminate Wanda the Fish, which is blatantly
> unacceptable ;-)

Heh, that's funny...it seems to be on the top of the list here too :P

> GConf does allow this, more or less... though apps have to actually
> call gconf_is_writable() or whatever it's called and properly
> desensitize the options in the GUI, and I'm sure none of them
> will. ;-)

Okay...so if in porting to the new widget set, we port over to gconf and 
force people to use this. If we want wide adoption of GNOME in places 
like big companies who have some sort of support for their desktop, then
they certainly don't want users to be configuring their desktop and making
their lives harder :)

Is there any way that we can draw up a list of fixed requirements for apps to
be included in 2.0 [I know this was discussed at length in GUADEC] but I think
this is another important issue....a) adoption of gconf b) provide locking 
down mechanisms

Yes, non-configuring takes all the fun out of a desktop [and personally I can't
stand the thought] but I can see huge advantages in having this facility.

			Glynn ;)

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