[Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

> Windows has My Computer in addition to the start menu which contains
> things like Control Panel, Dial-up Networking, etc.

I'm very much for splitting desktop settings and preferences up from 
system settings. On a network, users shouldn't have access to sytem
stuff - if this was somehow conditionally shown depending on whether
the user was root or not
If you start showing new users to the desktop all this stuff, they are
going to start getting confused very quickly.

> - delete all the non-default clock applets

There was some talk at GUADEC about removing non-useful applets from 
the core and I completely agree. What about having some proviso that
the appets are a) useful b) run on all platforms that support GNOME?

> - get session management to work really really well and have a nice UI
>   for it

/me stunned that someone cares :P

I think it would also be pretty neat, and in some cases essential, that
the system admin could completely lock down GNOME configuration wise...
so that no user could configure his/her own desktop. I can just see this
being really useful in large companies with evil system admins :)

	Just some probably non-sensical thoughts...
			Glynn :)

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