[Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

Cody Russell <bratsche gnome org> writes: 
> 2/ We can drag objects from the panel to Nautilus and the desktop, but
> we cannot do the opposite.

Yes, something is weird here - e.g. if I drag a launcher from the
panel I can drop it on the desktop but not in a Nautilus window, but
once I drop it on the desktop I can then move it to a Nautilus
window. Go figure. ;-)

> 3/ Editing the foot menu is a long-overdue feature, although it is not
> simple.  It should be possible to drag icons to the foot menu, re-order
> it, etc.  Dealing with .desktop files sucks.

George and the KDE panel dude have a Master Plan to get rid of the
.desktop files; I don't know how soon it'll be implemented, but it's

> The problem is that there should be some method for system
> administrators to install objects as read-only or something, so they
> can't be removed or modified by users.

Right, that's a hard problem. GConf allows it, but some things aren't
conducive to GConf storage.
> 4/ Let panel launchers and foot menu use any type of object, not just
> "programs".  e.g., you might have a launcher for Slashdot or NYTimes.com
> on your panel or in your "Favorites" menu.

We were discussing a bit whether Favorites was "Favorite Programs" or
whether you could put documents in there. I think the main argument
for programs-only was that in the current setup only programs will
work... ;-)


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