Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Scripts

Bart Decrem wrote:

I still think this is an excellent idea (meaning, the scripts page and
repository) Now that the dust's settling about Eazel, Jon: I'd be happy to help you set up the FTP repository etc (we'll need to talk Andy into it, but I think
that's a doable task:).  Let me know when you want to start on this.

Great! I can probably get started next monday (Nautilus QA needs attention right now), assuming Andy will provide the bandwidth ;)

BTW: I personally think the post-Eazel Nautilus pages could use a makeover, perhaps we can start adding some creative flair to these pages? Something besides the standard greenish-teal headings and standard font? Anything, please! :)

BTW, I think Andy's still planning on doing that feature to allow one-click
install of themes, scripts etc from a web page.

That would be very helpful.


Michael Rothwell wrote:

> Where can I find documentation and sample scripts?
> On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 04:27:23PM -1100, Jon Allen wrote:
> > >Also, has anyone thought about a central repository for Nautilus
> > >scripts?
> >
> > There was some discussion of this when the Rss-submissions list went up.
> > Bart and I had a few back/forth mails, here's a half-baked summary:
> >
> > * Ftp server setup to receive Script submissions (e.g. an "Incoming"
> > directory)
> >
> > * Someone (or several people) review incoming scripts and place them in a > > central directory once they are checked out (i.e. they work, security issues
> > are addressed, etc.)
> >
> > * Small webpage that points Nautilus users to this
> >
> > On a diff. note, there was also talk of an eventual to > > centralize themes, rss feeds, and scripts. Although I doubt this is of the > > highest priority right now, it's something we should think about in the
> > future.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Jon Allen
> >

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