Re: session manager problem (was Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus 1.0.3 problem)

Darin Adler writes:
|I immediately see one problem. The init_session function is called even in 
|a separate Nautilus process that's called to just to contact the main 
|Nautilus process. This means that if you type "nautilus" even once, 
|gnome_client_set_restart_style (client, GNOME_RESTART_NEVER) is called, 
|because no desktop window is ever created in the client version of the 
|Nautilus process.

I think this is a good thing - it shouldn't affect the restart style of
the master nautilus process, only of the client?

|How did you try to reproduce this bug, by the way?

I have a separate test account, I login on a console using that
account, run `gnome' to get the eazel-hacking environment set up (a
nautilus build from may 12), verify that NAUTILUS_DEBUG isn't set, then
type `startx -- :1' to start a new X session (my .xinitrc just runs

Anyway, once nautilus is running in desktop mode, I try random things
to get nautilus to go into trash mode, the only way I can do that is by
turning off the desktop

|It seems pretty easy to  reproduce. Just turn off the NAUTILUS_DEBUG
|environment variable, turn on  the NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_ADD_TO_SESSION
|preference, turn on the desktop,  look in the session file to verify
|that it's in "RESTART_IMMEDIATELY" mode, then type "nautilus" at the
|command line and look in the session file  again and verify that it's
|in "RESTART_NEVER" mode.

I tried this to the letter, and still couldn't reproduce it.. :-(

Perhaps we're using different versions of gnome-session? I have one
built from source; its last ChangeLog entry is dated 2001-03-23..


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