Re: session manager problem (was Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus 1.0.3 problem)

On Tuesday, May 15, 2001, at 06:43  PM, John Harper wrote:

I'm not sure I agree with this analysis.

The change I made was to add nautilus to the session in `trash' mode
unless the desktop window is active. I don't think there is any code to
make session management changes at quit time (I did think of fixing the
problem this way, but didn't in the end)

One possibility is that the update_session () function that initializes
the restart mode is sometimes called before the desktop window is
initialized, so the nautilus_application_desktop_window is still NULL,
and the wrong restart mode is chosen.

But since I can't reproduce the bug, I can't test this..

I looked into this a bit more.

I immediately see one problem. The init_session function is called even in a separate Nautilus process that's called to just to contact the main Nautilus process. This means that if you type "nautilus" even once, gnome_client_set_restart_style (client, GNOME_RESTART_NEVER) is called, because no desktop window is ever created in the client version of the Nautilus process.

As I understand it, this was required to fix the bug where the separate Nautilus process would keep restarting forever. But I can't see how the GNOME_RESTART_IMMEDIATELY restart style would ever get back into the session manager unless the user toggled the desktop preference later on.

Does that sound right to you, John?

How did you try to reproduce this bug, by the way? It seems pretty easy to reproduce. Just turn off the NAUTILUS_DEBUG environment variable, turn on the NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_ADD_TO_SESSION preference, turn on the desktop, look in the session file to verify that it's in "RESTART_IMMEDIATELY" mode, then type "nautilus" at the command line and look in the session file again and verify that it's in "RESTART_NEVER" mode.

    -- Darin

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