Re: [Nautilus-list] setting icons / backgrounds ala EFM?

on 5/9/01 6:08 PM, Ben FrantzDale at bfrantzdale HMC Edu wrote:

> EFM allows the user to set fonts and icons(I think) and backgrounds as
> follows: Right drag the image or font file into the target window and on
> the popup menu you get copy, move, link and set as background or set as
> icon or set as font (which then has a menu for font size.
> It's a very direct way of making these sorts of changes to the interface
> and I don't see how it would get in the way. Should I file a bug report?

It's a simple idea, and a good one. A bug report would be fine (and a patch
to add the feature would of course be even better).

    -- Darin

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