Re: [Nautilus-list] Mozilla 0.9

on 5/8/01 7:50 AM, Sergey V. Udaltsov at sergey oudaltsov clients ie wrote:

> Did anyone tried Mozilla 0.9 (built from SRPM) with the Nautilus RPMs by
> Ximian?
> First of all, I had to uninstall libnspr4 but it's not a problem because
> all the libraries are in Mozilla RPM.
> Now, mozilla itself works without problem (and it became really fast!).
> But it seems nautilus-mozilla has not survivied. At least, now I cannot
> open the HTML pages in Nautilus. Any ideas?
> The error message is:
> "The Web page view encountered an error and can't continue. You can
> choose another view or go to a different location".

Two issues:

1) Ximian Nautilus 1.0.2 is only compatible with Ximian Mozilla packages
because of the way the Ximian patch sets up the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME
environment variable inside Nautilus to point at a particular directory
(/usr/lib/mozilla-0.8-1, I seem to recall). This alone explains the problem,
which we've addressed for Nautilus 1.0.3.

2) The Mozilla team has been changing the details of how Mozilla embedding
works. Because of this problem, Nautilus probably won't work with Mozilla
0.9 even if you are using a version other than Ximian's. We'll have to make
a new release that works with Mozilla 0.9. We'll probably finish it later
this week.

    -- Darin

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