Re: [Nautilus-list] drag/drop images off browser?

on 5/7/01 8:23 AM, larry marso com at larry marso com wrote:

> Back in the old OS/2 days, IBM had a web browser called "Web Explorer".
> It's most interesting feature was the ability to click on any
> image on any web page, drag it to the desktop and drop it.  Voila!
> Instant copy of the image.
> Any chance of implementing this in Nautilus?

This is the kind of thing that we inherit directly from the underlying web
browser component. So if the Mozilla folks implement that feature in
embeddable Mozilla, we'll get it automatically, and if they don't, it's
unlikely to show up.

You might also want to look into adding this to the nautilus-gtkhtml
component, if you are a fan of that one -- although it's not shipped with
Nautilus, I hear it's a fairly capable replacement for the Mozilla

    -- Darin

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