[Nautilus-list] Status of FreeBSD port of Nautilus?


I have a question concerning the development of Nautilus for the FreeBSD system. I run FreeBSD-4.3 and would let to help test Nautilus. I searched the mailing list and found that there have been problems running it, i.e a port is having problems,


A few days ago, the meta-port of Gnome-1.4 "Fifth Toe" was released


and a fews hours later the port of Nautilus,


my question is (there have been previous ports of Nautilus for FreeBSD, all of which were broken) what is the status of Nautilus on FreeBSD? Will this port build and execute properly? Have all the problems with FreeBSD been solved?

On a final note I did get to try out Nautilus on a Debian Linux system, and I am truly amazed. It is excellent and contrary to what certain people on Slashdot & Co. have said quite fast and intuitive to use. Keep up the great work

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