Re: [Nautilus-list] Status of FreeBSD port of Nautilus?

	I am trying to get the Nautilus port working this very minute.
I'm running 5.0-current with XFree86 4.0.3, so I'm probably asking for
instability problems.  The port built fine except that I am using the
version of freetype2 that is built with XFree86 4 rather than as a
separate port.  Because of this, I had to change the nautilus port
makefile to use ${X11BASE} instead of ${LOCALBASE} to find the
freetype headers and library.  I haven't contacted Ade Lovett (the port
maintainer) about this little issue.
	Right now, Nautilus does not seem to be doing much of anything
except eat CPU cycles.  :(  To get it running at all, I had to edit
/usr/X11R6/etc/oaf/oaf-config.xml to read as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>




This really seems like the kind of thing that something somewhere should
be doing automatically.  If I have better news, I'll let you know.  I
too am very interested in seeing Nautilus running well on FreeBSD.


"Al Burton" <the_mjollnir hotmail com> wrote:

} Hallo,
} I have a question concerning the development of Nautilus for the FreeBSD 
} system. I run FreeBSD-4.3 and would let to help test Nautilus. I searched 
} the mailing list and found that there have been problems running it, i.e a 
} port is having problems,
} A few days ago, the meta-port of Gnome-1.4 "Fifth Toe" was released
} and a fews hours later the port of Nautilus,
} my question is (there have been previous ports of Nautilus for FreeBSD, all 
} of which were broken) what is the status of Nautilus on FreeBSD? Will this 
} port build and execute properly? Have all the problems with FreeBSD been 
} solved?
} On a final note I did get to try out Nautilus on a Debian Linux system, and 
} I am truly amazed. It is excellent and contrary to what certain people on 
} Slashdot & Co. have said quite fast and intuitive to use. Keep up the great 
} work
} -Al
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