Re: [Nautilus-list] updated list of RSS feeds

Hi Ben,

It sounds like Jon Allen is also interested in helping out with this, so I'm bringing
this thread on-list.

Yes, it'd be great if users could just click on a link in the directory to add a news
feed.  Is that easy to do?  Can the sample code be made to work with Nautilus
somehow?  Is that something you want to help with?


Ben Ford wrote:

> ...   My suggestion is some kind of hook so that a user can
> install a "news descriptor" by simply clicking on a link.  Mozilla has a
> similar capability to add sidebars.  Example code below.
> Perhaps a better idea for the page would be to coerce somebody into
> doing a and have the feeds on there.
> -b
> function addsb() {
>    if ((typeof window.sidebar == "object") && (typeof
> window.sidebar.addPanel == "function")) {
>        window.sidebar.addPanel ("Sidebar Name",
> "","";);
>    } else {
>        var rv = window.confirm ("Side Panels are enhanced for use with
> Netscape 6 or Mozilla. Would you like to know more?");
>        if (rv)
>                    document.location.href =
> "";;
>    }
> }

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