Re: [Nautilus-list] Medusa

on 3/30/01 11:37 AM, Ben Ford at ben kalifornia com wrote:

> What makes medusa better than slocate?  Updatedb doesn't kill my box the
> way medusa does.

Updatedb makes a list of file names. Medusa's indexing daemon indexes all
directory information, including things like modification dates as well as
file names, and also strings found inside text files.

> Is there a way to configure medusa to only index when I want it to?
> $ man medusa
> No manual entry for medusa

I decided to research the answer to this (although I didn't happen to know
it already). There's a way to do it in the Nautilus user interface, and also
on the command line, it seems. I found this in the medusa README:

    medusa-enable-indexing --on
    medusa-enable-indexing --off

It would be good to write a bugzilla bug report about the lack of man pages,
or if you're really generous maybe even contribute a man page yourself. I
think that's definitely something that should be added.

    -- Darin

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