Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus + Evolution + Gnome 1.4 -> bad combination

On 18 Mar 2001 21:38:29 -0800, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Try running -x first...though that'll probably hose
> evolution if its currently running. Are you sure you don't have multiple
> copies of oafd / gconfd on the system?

I'm basically positive I don't have multiple oafd/gconfd on my system.
And surprisingly enough, -x doesn't hose Evolution.
If I close Nautilus (while Evolution is running), then try to launch it
again, nothing happens.  So I ^C, and do a ps -ax.  I see

31400 ?        S      0:00 nautilus --sm-client-id

still running.  So I do a -x.  I see

nautilus-clean: Stale processes found.
gconfd-1:       1
oafd:       1

The stale nautilus process is gone.  Try launching Nautilus again, and
it actually comes up.  So this process is not getting removed when
Evolution is running (in a minute I'll see what happens when Evolution
isn't running to see if this process does get removed.


> Dan Hensley wrote:
> > 
> > I'm having a lot of trouble with Nautilus 1.0, Gnome 1.4, and Evolution
> > CVS.  Gnome 1.4 has a bunch of problems of its own (like sound not
> > working for events (although it does work from Nautilus), apps sometimes
> > not starting from the panel, and apps starting but not displaying in
> > anywhere).  But Nautilus is giving me strange problems I haven't seen
> > before.  By the way, I'm using GConf 1.0, bonobo 1.0, etc.--all released
> > packages except for those required to build Evolution.
> > 
> > If I start Nautilus first, then start Evolution, things are fine.  But
> > if I start Evolution first, then try to start Nautilus in a shell, it
> > just sits there and does nothing.  No messages, no dialogs, nothing.  If
> > I ^C, do a (no stale processes found), then try to
> > start Nautilus again, I get nothing.  If I do an oaf-slay, then try to
> > launch Nautilus, I get a GConf error dialog about not being able to
> > store a key (not sure the exact message, and I'm not going to try it now
> > since I'm typing this from Evolution), followed by a few hundred of
> > these messages in the shell, then a segfault.
> > 
> > Anybody have any ideas?  Is anyone at Eazel using Evolution too?  These
> > two clearly don't want to coexist peacefully.  If anyone has any input
> > into the Gnome 1.4 problems as well, I'd appreciate it.  I'm about ready
> > to submit a bunch of bug reports on it.
> > 
> > Dan
> > 
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