[Nautilus-list] nautilus features, when??


Does anyone know if will nautilus provide sometimes more advanced
features (like konqueror has):
an integrated shell emulator, splitting the view (I find this very
useful, in one view your're browsing some documentation and in the other
you're managing your files, or you can drag a file from a view to
another) etc? I'm not a big fan of copy/paste, but I find it pretty
useful. I have no problem without it, but why does nautilus not provide
an alternative way of doing such thing? dragging a file from your folder
view to your tree view is a real pain. you can't even start dragging the
file to the tree view expecting it to start scrolling automatically (if
the destination is not visible in your tree view).
To be fair, if nautilus would improve in speed, would become those
features a file management tool has it would be a very nice piece of
software, now it's only an eye-pleasure.

Bye folks.......

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