Re: [Nautilus-list] Results of MIT usability testing

tom georgoulias wrote:
> "Christopher D. Beland" wrote:
> >
> > > > Actually, they did, or at least one person did, but the Duplicate
> > > > command was not active, greyed out.
> > It wasn't an AFS-related bug.  It was because the users had already
> > opened the files in "View as Text" mode.  In PR3, in this mode, the
> > Duplicate option on the File menu is not greyed out; it just doesn't
> > exist at all.
> >
> > My personal recommendation would be that a double-click launches an
> > external editor, or optionally a dialog that asks the user what app
> > they want to use to edit or view the file.
> I fully agree with this.  Even after using Nautilus all day, every day
> for a month, I still find myself double clicking on files to open them
> up and work on the contents.  It's a hard habit to break.

Actually, I just found out you *can* do this by changing the default
application in the file handler.  I'm a little ashamed for writing my
statement above before fully investigating, but I don't know how long
this feature has been active so it may have just been added or

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