Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

By updater I mean a app that retrieves new packages via the net. Nautilus
should not retrieve new packages via the net. It should be able to install
software that is on the harddrive though. As for gnorpm, it's kind of half
ass. Redcarpet is moving in a better direction.  The main problem with
packages though are dep issues. A large part of the problem is plain out
rpm. Redcarpet does a pretty good job of working things out around the
problems of rpm. However, it's not all rpms fault either. Packages in
linux are updated often, new versions come out of one thing while not of
another. Such events is one major cause of the dep problems. However, from
what I can tell, over 50% of the dep issues dealing with rpms come from
people writing horrible spec files. I wish redhat would do something that
could make spec files idiot proof. Then again, idiots are the most
resourceful people when it comes to messing things up.  

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