Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

I never suggested for Nautilus to be a updater. However, if I have a rpm
or deb in a directory, it only makes sense that Nautilus be able to
install it via directly or via some redcarpet component. I know redcarpet
isn't part of vanilla gnome but it's a nice app and it's getting
better. It's certainly the best installer around.  I do agree that the dep
issues in linux are a major pain in the ass though. Even redcarpet
can't handle 100% correctly. Hell nothing can really. Most of the blaim
goes on rpm itself in my opinion due to poor design but that's certainly
debatable(only from redhat though). I certainly wish redhat and debian
would play nice and come to some agreement on a standard package. As it
stands deb is most certainly better but even deb has many cons. Anyway,
I'm rambling now. Is anyone interested in Nautilus being able to install
packages? It just seems ridiculous that it wouldn't be able to. This would
certainly be ridiculous to a windows user that is use to being able to
just click on any install file.

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