Re: [Nautilus-list] [Suggestion]:Album Folder View

Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> I started doing something like this once, but got a little bogged down
> when I tried to use the icon view.  Anyway, I think one thing would be
> nice is the ability to extract the magic strings from jpegs that digital
> cameras embed.  This information can be extracted with a variety of
> programs -- jhead is one that comes to mind.  Additionally, a way to
> orient pictures would be useful.
> While we're somewhat on the topic -- I vaguely recall that there was a
> gphoto based vfs.  Is that still around?  Does anyone know anything
> about it?
> Thanks,
> -Jonathan

I tried to use the gphoto vfs method and gave up after an hour or two of
makefile and autoconf punishment.

The magic strings idea is cool.  There's many other things that would be

I've been playing with some programs to manage digital camera pictures
on other platforms and they all are pretty weak.  They block for even
the simplest operations and make it difficult to operate on a batch of
pictures.  The preview/slideshow mode is not that good either.  Its fine
for previewing one single picture, but makes it difficult to preview
many pictures at once.

I would love to have features that operate on batches of picture. 
Something like "select all the pictures i took yesterday" , "rename all
the pictures to have a 'party' prefix."  That kind of thing.

Also, making sure that all operations are async and appear to be
instantaneous would be nice.  The stuff that came with my photo printer
on windows, chokes (hanged ui) badly on a 192 MB compact flash card.  It
should display the files quickly and thumbnail then asynchronous, like
the Nautilus icon view does.


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