Re: [Nautilus-list] Problem viewing web pages - help

You setup sounds like a valid one and the Web Page view should work.

Can you try this:

nautilus --quit (if nautilus is running) -x

Now in another terminal:

Now in the nautilus location bar, key in a web url.

Does the nautilus-mozilla-content-view process spew any intersting info


Alex Aalto wrote:
> When I try to view any web page with Nautilus 1.0.3, I get the following
> output on my console:
> ** WARNING **: A view failed. The UI will handle this with a dialog but
> this should be debugged.
> well as a popup box telling me:
> The Web Page view encountered an error and can't continue.  You can
> choose another view or go to a different location.
> I currently have the following RPMs installed:
> nautilus-mozilla-1.0.3-ximian.2
> nautilus-1.0.3-ximian.2
> mozilla-psm-0.8.1-ximian.13
> mozilla-mail-0.8.1-ximian.13
> mozilla-xmlterm-0.8.1-ximian.13
> mozilla-chatzilla-0.8.1-ximian.13
> Are all these the correct versions or should I "rpm -U" something?
>  ...does anybody know of any other reasons this may be happening or is
> having the same problem?  I'm loving nautilus and am dearly missing this
> functionality...
> Thanks in advance!
> Alex
> --
> Alex Aalto

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