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I like the idea of a file properties sidebar panel.
There exists already a sidebar panel which shows
extra information for files and directories.
But I think we could go a little further:

- for directories:
   - the panel should show not only the item count, but
     also the size in MB ( it already does this for files )
     as it is already implemented in the "show properties menu item".
     This would be more consistent.
   - advanced users should have following options:
      - folder renaming
      - maybe, changing the custom folder icon
- for files:
   - all users can change file emblems
   - advanced users:
      - file renaming
      - changing file permissions
      - maybe changing the custom file icon and mimetype editing

Go on with your good work, nautilus hackers!

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I am not a programmer, so I don't know how much I can do about this, but
I had a suggestion for a better way to handle file properties.  First of
all, there should be a permissions tab in the properties window that
allows the user to change file permissions like they could in GMC.
Additionally, though, what if there was an option for a "Properties"
sidebar panel.  The panel would have all of the functionality of the
properties window (including file permissions), and it would allow the
manipulation of properties for whatever file was highlighted at the
time.  If no file was highlighted, then it would show the properties of
the current directory.  I don't know.  Just a thought.  I was using
nautilus today and it occured to me just how much more convenient
manipulating file properties would be if there were a panel, so I
thought that I'd pass it along.



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