[Nautilus-list] Re: [Gal-hackers] Re: What about gal && eel into GNOME 2.0?

> 2) Move GAL, EEL, or the combiniation into gnome-libs-2
> Commenting only for GAL, I would prefer to see that done in 2.1.
> GAL is still under active development and is not ready for the api
> freeze that would be required by inclusion in gnome-libs.  However,
> parts of it would be moveable, potentially even into gtk.  I would
> especially like to see the colour combo and support moved.  That
> seems like a commonly used widget that others will want access to.

  I mostly agree, but there are things that are possibly stable enough
already.  For example, the shortcut bar API can probably be frozen at
this point.  (It still has some quirks, but they should be easily


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