[Nautilus-list] Re: What about gal && eel into GNOME 2.0?

Jody Goldberg wrote:
> There are two questions here
> 1) merge GAL & EEL
> This seems like a reasonable idea, but will require resources.

For some things it might make sense.   

> 2) Move GAL, EEL, or the combiniation into gnome-libs-2
> Commenting only for GAL, I would prefer to see that done in 2.1.
> GAL is still under active development and is not ready for the api
> freeze that would be required by inclusion in gnome-libs.  However,
> parts of it would be moveable, potentially even into gtk.  I would
> especially like to see the colour combo and support moved.  That
> seems like a commonly used widget that others will want access to.

My personal feeling is that demand for a specific
should determine if it moves to a more accessible place.

The one concrete plan that I am aware of is to move the gnome vfs
in Eel into gnome-vfs itself, but it hasn't happened yet.


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