Re: [Nautilus-list] Adding new fonts

Abe Fettig wrote:
> I just upgraded to CVS Nautilus, and was pleasantly surprised to see the
> number of fonts suddenly available to me.  Hooray!  Choice in fonts is a
> beautiful thing.
> However, I can't quite figure out where Nautilus is getting it's fonts
> from.  Does it have its own TrueType font stash somewhere? (if so, I
> can't find it).  Does it get them from the X server?  How can I add my
> own fonts?
> On a less important note, I would really like to be able to set font
> colors and styles on a global or per-directory basis.  Right now I have
> a grey desktop background image, and Nautilus has decided to use a white
> font, which, while legible, is not as nice as black.  Also, I wish I
> choose to not have the 3D look for selected items.
> Much thanks to everyone working on this project!  Nautilus is really
> looking good.
> Abe

The list of fonts available is usually reapead from the X Font Server
config file.  Usually /etc/X11/fs/config or something like that.

Installing a font package for your system should be good enough.  A font
rpm, for example.

We also have a hack where you can add your own fonts by putting them in
~/.nautilus/fonts.  You need to include a fonts.dir file in the same
place for this to work.  

There is currently no way to set font styles and colors on a per
directory basis.  You can change the font globally for all directories
using the preferences dialog.  You cannot change the global colot used
to draw icon text.  It would be a nice feature to have, though.


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