Re: [Nautilus-list] Problem with nautilus/eel and symlinks.

On Monday, June 18, 2001, at 02:55  AM, Philippe DEFERT wrote:

When I run nautilus and one of its ressource is a symbolic link,
nautilus aborts with an error in the eel library:

I'm pretty sure this is fixed by the change to eel Ramiro made recently. Here's the ChangeLog entry:

2001-06-06  Ramiro Estrugo  <ramiro fateware com>

		Patch from Frederic Devernay <Frederic Devernay sophia inria fr>
		(tweaked by me to | bits instead of +) to make the Eel Font Manager
		follow links when determining the mime type of fonts.

		* eel/eel-font-manager.c: (collect_fonts_from_directory),

We'll make a new release eventually that includes this fix.

    -- Darin

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