Re: [PATCH]: Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: must not ship Nautilus 1.0.4 until we fix FAM support

> > A better fix might be to pass "" instead of "fam" to
> > g_module_open, but only on systems that use this style of shared
> > library naming (I'm not sure what a good way to tell is).
> Yes, and as soon the fam will be distributed using package and that
> FAM soname will change, Nautilus will broke. No, I seriously think
> we should rely on binary compatibility, which will give us more chance
> of having Nautilus using FAM on whatever system than otherwise...

sonames exist precisely to designate binary compatibility. If a library
is binary compatible with a previous version it should use the same
soname. So as soon as FAM changes sonames, we probably *won't* be able
to work with it w/o recompiling, and thus we shouldn't try to.


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