Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH]: Avoid directory reload when FAM is active.

> > The code to this patch looks OK to me (I'm not the designated patch
> > reviewer so I can't really approve it but I've worked a lot on the
> > code it's changing). Can you please describe how you tested? I think
> > it needs to be tested both with and without FAM to make sure
> > everything works as expected.
> Done and working. (used printf to debug).
> So, do I commit this one ?

You need to be more detailed about the tests you put patches through.
This would help a lot in terms of fostering easier communication. A
repeated pattern here is that we need to keep asking for increased

I think Maciej wants to know not by what technical mechanism you tested,
but what differents sorts of situations you tested. For example, did you
open directories with FAM, w/o FAM, open windows when three other
windows were open w/ FAM, w/o FAM, does tree view still work, does tree
view still work with multiple windows etc etc. You can probably come up
with many other good tests to try. A lot of your suggested changes end
up breaking things (in one patch or another), so I suggest you try more
thorough testing of them and how they interact with other parts of
Nautilus before you submit them for review.

Also, a list of the ways you tested at patch submission time is very
helpful, because somebody's going to eventually ask for that anyway,



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