Re: [Nautilus-list] [Fwd: About wchar support.]

On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 05:11  AM, James Su wrote:

I found that nautilus and eel treat almost all string as char *, it's not an i18n compatible method.
May be it's better to use wchar_t * (GdkWChar *) instead of char * (gchar*
) as internal string type.
It would simplify the string handle and will achieve better i18n compatiblity.

Thanks for your suggestion.

The approach planned for GNOME 2 is to use UTF-8 and char * rather than UTF-16 or local 16-bit character sets and GdkWChar *. This is not something that's specific to Nautilus, but rather something that's going to be done this way across GNOME.

Saying that treating strings as char * is not an i18n-compatible method is overstating the case. You can make functions that handle multibyte characters correctly without always using wide characters, and this is what the GNOME hackers are planning for GNOME 2.

Perhaps if I was doing my own program I'd want to do what you suggest, but I want to use the same approach used in the rest of the GNOME project.

	-- Darin

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