[Nautilus-list] some feature suggestions

	Nautilus is great.  Ive been using it more and more lately for
everything.  There are a few things that I would like to suggest, though.

1) in a music view, be able to recurse into sub-directories.  i.e. I have
my mp3 laid out as such:


I can only list the songs in one directory at a time.  bummer :)

2) have nautilus be able to give a music list from a playlist file (reads
the play-list, displays a music view based on the contents)

3) The ability to edit the id3 tags via a 'right-click' while in music

4) specify 'view' options for a particular folder.  If Im looking at
mp3's, I dont want nor need the sidebar, location bar, etc.  sure I can
manually turn this off everytime, buts its a pain.  Being able to
right-click on a folder and specify the 'view properties' of that folder
would be a god-send.

5) for the side-bar news item.  right-click and open in a new window,
browser, or whatever.

Nautilus is coming along excellently!   thanks alot!


"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
--Darth Vader

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