[Nautilus-list] Help system/mozilla problems

I recently upgraded my system to RedHat 7.1 and then the latest GNOME SW from Ximian. This brought me Nautilus. When I try to access a Nautilus help page I get an alert saying:

Application nautilus-mozilla-content-view has crashed due to a fatal error (segmentation fault).

I tried it without mozilla (I have 0.9.1 from the Mozilla site) or nautilus-mozilla installed, but then I just get raw HTML displayed in one of the Nautilus panes.

I saw something in the archives that sounded like there is a problem with 0.9.1 which may be the problem I'm having. I really prefer to use something newer for mozilla (nightly or CVS). Is there a way to get Nautilus to just use that? What about the package dependencies? Someone alluded to a "MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME" problem but gave no details. Can I set that in the environment seen by Nautilus to where my nightly is and solve all this? If so, how do I set the environment seen by Nautilus?

Do I have to downgrade to the 0.8.1 mozilla which I see on the ximian ftp site just to keep nautilus happy and use my nightly for actual use? I hate to waste disk space with this old release (*many* things have been fixed since 0.8.1).

And one more question: How do I tell Nautilus to display dotfiles?

-- David

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