[Nautilus-list] Eazel-hacking


btw, while I'm thinking of it...is there somewhere I can download the
Eazel-Hacking source, or could we possibly get it checked into CVS? I
want to get builds going on Solaris again, particularly so I can attack
Nautilus performance problems with Quantify.


On 07 Jun 2001 15:07:20 -0700, Ramiro Estrugo wrote:
> Gaute Lindkvist wrote:
> > 
> > First, my name is Gaute Lindkvist, and I recently agreed to
> > translate the Nautilus User Manual to Norwegian.
> > This has the side-affect of me finding a couple of things that may be
> > outdated. For example, there are some references and examples pointing to
> > www.eazel.com. For instance the guide to using the location-bar, which of
> > course uses eazel.com as an example.
> > Now, my suggestion is changing all these references to gnome.org, unless
> > the URLs are more specific than this.
> > If people here don't have any objections, I will change this in both my
> > translation and the english User Manual.
> > The translation should be ready for 1.0.4.
> > 
> > Gaute Lindkvist
> > lindkvis linpro no
> I think it would be ok to do this, thanks for tackling this issue.
> When you are done with your changes, It might be a good idea to run them
> by Dan Mueth, or simply post the patch on the list here.
> One remaining issue might be references to Eazel locations in the source
> code itself.  Even if there are such things lingering, its probably not
> a big deal since Eazel services are history and that is the most likely
> location of such loose ends.  Maybe after 1.0.4 someone (I volunteer)
> can to a full sweep of Nautilus to clean this up if needed.
> -re
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