Re: [Nautilus-list] Eazel-examples in user-manual

Gaute Lindkvist wrote:
> First, my name is Gaute Lindkvist, and I recently agreed to
> translate the Nautilus User Manual to Norwegian.
> This has the side-affect of me finding a couple of things that may be
> outdated. For example, there are some references and examples pointing to
> For instance the guide to using the location-bar, which of
> course uses as an example.
> Now, my suggestion is changing all these references to, unless
> the URLs are more specific than this.
> If people here don't have any objections, I will change this in both my
> translation and the english User Manual.
> The translation should be ready for 1.0.4.
> Gaute Lindkvist
> lindkvis linpro no

I think it would be ok to do this, thanks for tackling this issue.

When you are done with your changes, It might be a good idea to run them
by Dan Mueth, or simply post the patch on the list here.

One remaining issue might be references to Eazel locations in the source
code itself.  Even if there are such things lingering, its probably not
a big deal since Eazel services are history and that is the most likely
location of such loose ends.  Maybe after 1.0.4 someone (I volunteer)
can to a full sweep of Nautilus to clean this up if needed.


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