Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus optimized?

Jamin Philip Gray <jgray writeme com> writes:

> > > bottlenecks and Yoann has been doing. The current cvs Nautilus is faster
> > > than Nautilus 1.0.
> > 
> > Can you clarify exactly what you mean here? By saying the current CVS is
> > faster than Nautilus 1.0, do you mean that it is faster than the actual
> > 1.0 release or do you mean it's faster than the 1.0.x series, which
> > includes the lastest 1.0.3 release, implying that the next release will be
> > 1.1 or above?
> I can't say what Darin meant, but I can testify to the speed
> improvements in CVS nautilus as compared with 1.0.3.  Yoann has come
> up with some speed enhancements which went in after 1.0.3 was
> released.  That being said there is still a lot of room for
> improvement.  Unfortunately, profiling is not my area of expertise. 

current known issue that still need to be worked on are :

- Mime list is loaded ( a directory load ) on a single icon click.
  That is normal behavior in order for exemple to add the View as Item
  in the Open With menu.
  But this is also done when double clicking the directory (which should
  end up with the directory loaded so we don't have to load the mime list
  first). I am on this one.

- There is an issue with directory count that slow things down,
  Darin is working on it.

- Home directory is slower to load than other directory,
  Just turn async job debuging on and you'll notice many more activity
  than for a simple directory load. Many of theses activity can probably
  be avoided.

- Opening a new window is slow, this could be really speeded up
  if we shared the two view in the case of opening a new window
  from an already existing one (as IE does).
  I also think that we might be doing thing in the wrong order,
  like loading the directory before the view component is ready.
  It was the case a few weeks ago, need to check again, it might
  have been fixed with the other bug fix we checked in.

- Startup time.

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