Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus optimized?

> > bottlenecks and Yoann has been doing. The current cvs Nautilus is faster
> > than Nautilus 1.0.
> Can you clarify exactly what you mean here? By saying the current CVS is
> faster than Nautilus 1.0, do you mean that it is faster than the actual
> 1.0 release or do you mean it's faster than the 1.0.x series, which
> includes the lastest 1.0.3 release, implying that the next release will be
> 1.1 or above?

I can't say what Darin meant, but I can testify to the speed
improvements in CVS nautilus as compared with 1.0.3.  Yoann has come
up with some speed enhancements which went in after 1.0.3 was
released.  That being said there is still a lot of room for
improvement.  Unfortunately, profiling is not my area of expertise. 

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