How to check-out CVS? [WAS] Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus optimized?

I'd like to download the latest code and start looking at it.  Does
anyone know where the directions are for downloading it?


On 1 Jun 2001, Yoann Vandoorselaere wrote:

> Jamin Philip Gray <jgray writeme com> writes:
> > > > bottlenecks and Yoann has been doing. The current cvs Nautilus is faster
> > > > than Nautilus 1.0.
> > > 
> > > Can you clarify exactly what you mean here? By saying the current CVS is
> > > faster than Nautilus 1.0, do you mean that it is faster than the actual
> > > 1.0 release or do you mean it's faster than the 1.0.x series, which
> > > includes the lastest 1.0.3 release, implying that the next release will be
> > > 1.1 or above?
> > 
> > I can't say what Darin meant, but I can testify to the speed
> > improvements in CVS nautilus as compared with 1.0.3.  Yoann has come
> > up with some speed enhancements which went in after 1.0.3 was
> > released.  That being said there is still a lot of room for
> > improvement.  Unfortunately, profiling is not my area of expertise. 
> current known issue that still need to be worked on are :
> - Mime list is loaded ( a directory load ) on a single icon click.
>   That is normal behavior in order for exemple to add the View as Item
>   in the Open With menu.
>   But this is also done when double clicking the directory (which should
>   end up with the directory loaded so we don't have to load the mime list
>   first). I am on this one.
> - There is an issue with directory count that slow things down,
>   Darin is working on it.
> - Home directory is slower to load than other directory,
>   Just turn async job debuging on and you'll notice many more activity
>   than for a simple directory load. Many of theses activity can probably
>   be avoided.
> - Opening a new window is slow, this could be really speeded up
>   if we shared the two view in the case of opening a new window
>   from an already existing one (as IE does).
>   I also think that we might be doing thing in the wrong order,
>   like loading the directory before the view component is ready.
>   It was the case a few weeks ago, need to check again, it might
>   have been fixed with the other bug fix we checked in.
> - Startup time.

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