[Nautilus-list] Re: UI Design

>The Nautilus window should
>display at all times obvious icons in some type of menu bar for hard
>drives mounted, cdroms, floppys, zip disks,local network(smb/network
>neighborhood), etc.... A user ought to be
>able to see these at all times.

As mainly a user (not a hacker), I kind of like this idea.  The traditional
place for drive icons of course is the desktop, but these icons are often
covered up by other windows, or are far away from the file manager window
being viewed.

In fact, this idea could be extended to more than just drive icons - why
not any type of launcher or folder that normally gets placed on the desktop.  This
could be sort of a "favorites" bar that always appears directly above or below
the main panel for the directory being browsed (perhaps with smaller icons).  This 
would effectively put all of the computer's resources in one place instead of being 
split between the desktop and the file manager window.  I think this split is just 
legacy thing anyway, copied from the win95 and OS/2 days.  Just brainstorming...


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