Re: [Nautilus-list] Startup Problems (solaris)

On Friday, May 25, 2001, at 09:28  AM, Ben FrantzDale wrote:

I've just finished building and installing Nautilus on a Solaris box.
The rest of gnome 1.4 is running well but Nautilus crashes when I run
it. The ``First Time Setup'' thing works fine, but I once it begins to
draw the desktop (the desktop is grey at the time) it crashes. Here's a
back trace. Can anyone shed some light on this? I just udated gnome-vfs
to 1.0.1.

There's no simple explanation here. It looks like some kind of strange problem -- code inspection suggests that a failure of this assert is extremely unlikely.

GnomeVFS-pthread-ERROR **: file gnome-vfs-job.c: line 575
(gnome_vfs_job_set): assertion failed:
(gnome_vfs_context_get_cancellation (op->context) != NULL)

This assert means that op->context->cancellation was NULL.

#7  0xfe0f60f8 in gnome_vfs_job_set (job=0x227c40,
    callback=0xfe37d4a8 <find_directory_callback>,
    at gnome-vfs-job.c:575

But this function just created op->context with a call to gnome_vfs_context_new, which sets cancellation to the result of gnome_vfs_cancellation_new. I can't see how you'd end up with a NULL.

    -- Darin

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