Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: UI Design

> >The Nautilus window should
> >display at all times obvious icons in some type of menu bar for hard
> >drives mounted, cdroms, floppys, zip disks,local network(smb/network
> >neighborhood), etc.... A user ought to be
> >able to see these at all times.
> As mainly a user (not a hacker), I kind of like this idea.  The traditional
> place for drive icons of course is the desktop, but these icons are often
> covered up by other windows, or are far away from the file manager window
> being viewed.

I personally really like the method that windows uses, where you can
view "your computer" and all it entails.  Have sort of logical
folder/view which contains links to your disks and other mounted
shares, allows you to browse network shares (smb, etc.), link to your
desktop, etc.  It would be great if the Gnome file selection dialog
box also used the same concept.  It's just so much faster and makes a
lot of sense.

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