Re: [Nautilus-list] Allowing view components to provide editing (UIand architecture issues)

Adam Zolkover wrote:
>   What if in viewing text files, the view looked more like MS Word's
> Print Preview window than it did like gEdit. 

In fact, this is exactly one of the solutions we proposed in the
usability report -- see

> it doesn't look to me as though you can copy text from the
> text view, so why allow the user to highlight text?  

Agreed, although it would very useful if you *could* copy from the text
view... I think we discussed this on the list a few months ago.

> In fact, putting the word preview in
> the window manager bar instead of just having the name of the file being
> viewed is probably a good idea too.  

This was also one of our proposals  :)  (Well almost, in our example we
put the word "read-only" in the sidebar and the preview pane itself.)


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